The Corona-Norco Unified School District is dedicated to preparing all students for college and career success. This goal challenges students to complete a set of Passport Stamps above and beyond the requirements to graduate from high school. Students who are prepared to take college-level classes upon graduation from high school are more likely to attain a college degree and/or enter the competitive workforce with the skills and competencies needed to succeed. Students who fulfill the requirements of these Passport Stamps are prepared for the rigor of college courses and more likely to achieve workplace success.

We encourage you to monitor the progress of your student in achieving these Passport Stamps. The journey to obtaining stamps will differ from student to student. If your student does not achieve a particular stamp, please read about additional options and contact the appropriate school official. While obtaining the Passport Stamps increases the likelihood of a student being college and career-ready, missing a stamp does not prohibit a student from post-high school success. After all, students possess a wide array of talents not captured by these Passport Stamps.