A-G Courses Fulfilled
Both the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) require freshman applicants to complete a sequence of courses in high school with a grade of C or better to meet the minimum level of academic preparation to undertake university level work. These courses are referred to as 'a-g courses' because of the letter each subject area is assigned: "a" History/Social Science, "b" English, "c" Mathematics, "d" Laboratory Science, "e" Language Other than English, "f" Visual/Performing Arts, "g" College Preparatory Elective. Since these courses foster critical thinking and study skills, private universities also support the a-g course sequence as a gauge of meeting a minimal level of academic preparation for college.

University of California (UC) A-G Information:
California State University (CSU) A-G Information:
Criteria: Students fulfill all of the A-G requirements.
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